Workers Compensation

Golfsure provides a range of Workers Compensation services as a part of our specialist insurance solutions for the golf industry.

We predominantly provide two main services in this area, these are outlined below.

Claims Management

Our claims management service is designed to help people in their recovery from injury and assist them with their return to work.  If a client of Golfsure has an injury, we will work with your specific needs to assist you with the management of the claim from the time of notification to finalisation.

Assistance may include:

Return to Work Management and Co-ordination

  • Ensuring that the Worker, Employer, Insurer and any involved parties are focused on the agreed goals and work together to achieve closure.
  • Graduated Return to Work Plans
  • Record any workplace incidents into the workplace injuries/incidents register.
  • Wage reimbursements from the insurer

Review of claims

  • Recommend strategic actions and provide technical support

Dealing with insurers and treatment providers

  • Ensuring timely and appropriate interventions are provided and monitored.

With proper management, the Worker and Employer can achieve an ideal resolution and satisfactory closure to their situation, allowing you to remain focused on your business.

Workers Compensation Review Services

Each jurisdiction in Australia has its own premium calculation methodology. Depending on the jurisdiction, there are options and alternatives that employers can consider to ensure that they are paying the correct premium for their Workers Compensation Risk.

Golfsure assists clients to manage their Workers Compensation requirements through the following services:

Classification Review

Requires an intimate understanding of our clients business and a detailed technical understanding of the classification laws in each jurisdiction.

Premium Calculation

This service ensures that our clients premium is calculated using the correct variables and formulas under each jurisdiction. This service incorporates an analysis of the data input as well as any premium saving options available.

Policy Structure

Ensuring that our client’s policy structure best represents our client’s business structure.

Premium Modelling

This service assists clients to formulate budgets for Workers Compensation premiums. Additionally allows for an analysis of the impact of claims upon premiums.

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