Golf Membership Funding

Golfsure has a golf funding facility to assist Golf Club members with the cost of their membership fees.
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In spreading the annual membership costs over the year by having a monthly payment option, this allows members to better afford and incorporate this cost into your everyday budget.

The funding extends to the total membership fee invoice, which can include additional costs by the Golf Club such as nomination fees and clubhouse levies.

Member Benefits

  • An easy online application and payment calculation form
  • Instant submission and response
  • Monthly instalment repayments
  • Funding includes member fees, nominations fees and clubhouse levies
  • Secure repayment options by direct debit or credit card
  • Low cost rates

Club Benefits

  • Clubs receive membership fees in full allowing the clubs to utilise fees for necessary purchases and growth
  • Improves relationships with clubs and their members eliminating the sometimes difficult situation involved in the collection of outstanding fees
  • Frees up valuable staff to concentrate on other areas within the club rather than the time consuming debt collection process
  • Increased member retention and new member applications due to the flexibility of golf fee funding and its affordability in day to day household budgets
  • Golfsure provide a detailed account and reconciliation of membership fee payment to the clubs

Frequently Asked Questions

1. When will my club receive payment for my membership fees?

Golfsure will remit your annual fees to your golf club within 7 days.

2. What fees do I incur for proceeding with this funding option?

Golfsure has secured a low fixed rate for our clubs and their members to ensure this facility remains fair and affordable to those requiring this option.

3. What is my instalment amount and monthly repayment dates?

Details regarding your instalment arrangement, monthly costs and repayment dates, will be outlined during the application process. Please refer to your schedule provided at this time.

4. Does my instalment arrangement include the cost of nomination and house fees for the club?

If these are incorporated into your annual membership fee invoice, then the total membership costs will be included in your instalment arrangement.

5. What happens if my instalment payment is not correctly deducted?

This problem can occur from time to time due to a variety of situations such as, insufficient funds, change of credit card or bank account. Your financial institution may charge a fee for the dishonoured payment (please refer to your financial institution for their updated fee schedule). We will attempt to re-process the instalment deduction again and contact you should there be any further problems.

Please note that continued non-payment of instalments may result in your membership being suspended.

6. What if I want to use the Golfsure funding but my club does not use it?

If this is the case, we recommend that you speak with the clubs General Manager and have them contact us to discuss implementing this scheme to your club.

7. Who will manage this fee funding arrangement?

Your Golfsure monthly instalments will be administered by Elantis Premium Funding Limited, an independent finance provider based in North Sydney, Australia.

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